Zena is our gorgeous 75lb black/red, 4 year old AKC German Shepherd with Czech bloodlines.  She comes from numerous working titles in her impressive pedigree including numerous SchH3 and VA1 titles.  Zena is the daughter of Zues and is intelligent, has solid nerves, friendly temperament, and loves to play in the water!


Ice is our beautiful  6 1/2 year old 70lb all white AKC German Shepherd.  She is a great family dog that is intelligent, loving, and playful.  She is friendly, soft tempered with a non-aggressive nature and can be shy until she gets to know you.

Cercei is a gorgeous 3 year old, approxemately 70 pound black and red AKC German Shepherd.  She is a great friendly family dog, intelligent, and extremely playful.  She has a high drive, and a strong desire to please. She has several champion SchH3 titled dogs in her Pedigree. She is the daughter of Julio Du Val D'Anzin and Je-Je Von Der Lowenmahne.

Adele is our beautiful 3 year old, 70lb black and red AKC German Shepherd.  She is friendly, intelligent, and good tempered with a Non-aggressive nature.  Adele is the daughter of Titan and Bailey and shares their impressive pedigrees with numerous show and working champion titles.


Bailey is our gorgeous 5 1/2 year old 75lb black and red AKC German Shepherd.  She is friendly with a great temperment, has solid nerves, loyal, and intelligent.  Bailey comes from a long linage of working dogs and has numerous champion SchH3 titled dogs in her impressive pedigree along with VA1 dogs. Both of her parents are titled working dogs.





Jasmine is our beautiful 4 1/2 year old 85lb black and red AKC German Shepherd.  She is friendly, playful, independent, intelligent, and high energy.  Jasmine is the daughter of Bailey and comes from a long linage of working dogs and has numerous SchH3 titled dogs in her pedigree. 

Check out our beautiful, purebred, AKC registered female German Shepherds!  All of our dogs are family raised and socialized with both children and other animals and are health checked prior to every pregnancy and whelping.


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Questa is our gorgeous 4 year old 70lb black/red AKC German Shepherd.  She comes from numerous SchH3 working titled dogs in her pedigree.  She is friendly, intelligent, eager to please, and is a high energy girl. 

Our Females

Sydney is our gorgeous 75lb black/red, 3 1/2 year old AKC German Shepherd.  She comes from numerous working dogs in her linage including numerous SchH3 titled dogs in her pedigree.  She has solid nerves, friendly, intelligent, has high drive, and loves to please. She is a daughter to Gunner and her mom is an all black Czech import.


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